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What Sets Us Apart

All About Us

We are a vibe, a community, a movement. Growing since 2016, we are 12k deep + passionate about this cannabis lifestyle. We're here to help you find the best stuff, period.


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We're a mob of pros and newbies and everyone in between. No matter how you take it:  High, friend.


We've shared so many joints and so many stories. We have laughed til tears ran down our cheeks. Also ran from the blue and red lights a few times. We are FAMILY. Those are the rules.


Tune in for the latest finds, deals, and cannabis lifestyle products that will blow your boring metal grinder out of the bong water.



... and counting. It's how we all met. Growers, edible chefs, and mad scientists all convened with the smokers + tokers, sweet toothers, vapers, and the dabbers. We made connections that will last forever, memories we unfortunately may forget until someone else brings them up.


We created Rock Creek Puff because we noticed a lack of genuinely friendly spaces in the DC weed community. So we created it, and You came.  We can now easily say, mission accomplished, and thank you to all who found us and matched our shiny, happy energy.

Why People Love Us

The DC scene was SUPER intimidating to me at first, but RCP is like an oasis. Always smiling faces, never judgy.

67, Dabbing Dog Dad

Jamison W

Ever since I found RCP, I've gone from lost in the weed woods to a connoisseur on Cloud Nine. My family is grateful!!

36, Flower Forever

Deena L

If you need a canna cheat code, here you go! I tell all my friends about y'all <3

32, All of the Above

Max S

It's been years since my first and last toke. Truly the BEST customer service and I left the convo way smarter about plant medicine

53, Tincture Tipper

Jen B

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